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My CD, The Cloths of Heaven is available online and also directly from me at as is The Good Old Days of Music Hall, which I recorded with Dara McMahon

It is also available online at several music sites including here:

The Cloths of Heaven CD

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The Title Track,The Cloths of Heaven, by Thomas Dunhill, based on the WB Yeats poem, He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven. piano accompaniment by Deborah Kelleher
Ave Maria, Schubert, Accompaniment by Deborah Kelleher
Roses of Picardy, by Fred Weatherly and Haydn Wood, accompaniment by Pauline Cooper, from the CD The Good old Days of Music Hall
I Won’t Send Roses From a performance for Dublin City Council, at the Memorial Court Senior Citizens’ Complex, Island Bridge, with accompaniment by Pauline cooper.
From a webcam concert, Songs for Bloomsday, from the Church of St. James, James’s Street, Dublin. This concert was presented by Dublin City Council, South City Area Office, as a Community Event for Bloomsday 2020. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there was no audience in the Church! Pauline Cooper is the accompanist.